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Heartmetrics Experts

With CardioID’s patented technology, we provide Heartmetrics Expertise for the benefit of the individual, in any situation. New research and development, looking to understand human biosignals, guides our design of innovative products that take into account human capabilities, limitations, and characteristics.

Human Factors Engineering

Ensure safety, effectiveness, and ease of use through Human Factors Engineering

Human Factors Engineering takes into account human strengths and limitations in the design of interactive systems that involve people, tools, and technology, to ensure safety, effectiveness, and ease of use.

In essence, human factors engineering focuses on how systems work in practice, with real — and fallible — human beings at the controls. It attempts to design systems that optimize safety and minimize the risk of error in complex environments.

Our technology can be easily applied in various environments, and integrated with other complementary systems.

This interaction and interoperability between different systems provides us with a variety of indicators that, when correlated, can provide augmented data to confirm the formulation of optimized solutions for the user.




A project financed by the Horizon 2020 Program, aiming to create a platform to define, develop, test, and validate the concept of a Safety Tolerance Zone to prevent drivers from exceeding driving limits, mitigating risks in real time and after the trip.

The acronym “i-DREAMS” stands for “Intelligent Driver Assessment and Monitoring System and the Road Environment”. The i-DREAMS consortium is composed of 13 partners, researchers and companies, from 8 European countries.

CardioID is the technology provider, responsible for all the devices that monitor the driver’s psychophysiological state and correlates it with external factors at play, aiming to identify the safety tolerance zone of each driver.

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