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CardioID Joins the Bluetooth SIG

April is known in Portugal as a month for revolution, freedom, renewal, hopefulness and joy. So it’s only fitting that CardioID’s founding happened in this month. More precisely today, April 21st! Happy birthday to us! 🎉

Over the last 9 years, CardioID has faced many challenges, setbacks, and disappointments. Nevertheless, we have maintained our strong determination to persevere and find success, with our agile, resourceful, and problem-solving team. Today, we are proud of our achievements, be it in terms of hardware design, with the latest version of our CardioWheel ECG acquisition device, or in terms of software, with an ever-expanding set of cloud-based services and features. And of course, CardioID would not exist without our core data science knowledge, which impacts all levels of our activities.

As an example of our accomplishments, this month also marks the end of the i-DREAMS H2020 project, the largest naturalistic driving experiment to date, with over 400 participants and 3.5 million kilometers driven, where the core monitoring technology was developed, integrated, and built by CardioID. This would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of our entire team. You guys are awesome! 😘

So it is in this hopeful spirit that we renew our commitment to continue working towards developing products and solutions for the benefit of the individual, in any situation, be it in the Automotive, Human Factors, or Healthcare industries. To achieve this goal, we have been expanding our collaborations and partnerships, with the establishment of a subsidiary of our company in the city of São Paulo to serve Brazil and the wider South American markets. Also, our core technical skills have not been left behind, with continued research, development, and innovation.

On that note, we would like to announce our membership to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG), a global community of companies that oversees the development of Bluetooth® standards and manages the licensing of the Bluetooth® technologies and trademarks. With this membership, CardioID will be able to provide products that meet the expectations of our users in terms of usability, security, and reliability.

Here’s hoping to one more year full of challenges and adventures, with the confidence that our heartmetrics expertise will lead to many more successes. Cheers! 🥂