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CardioID’s breakthrough technology leverages state-of-the-art biomedical knowledge related to the electrical activity of the heart, sizing up cardiac conditions for safety, security and personalization in everyday life activities. The exact same concepts used in medicine are explored to prevent drowsiness, fatigue, stress, or cardiac pathologies.

We bring a deep knowledge in applied research and development in the fields of Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, as a spin-off of Instituto Superior Tecnico (University of Lisbon). To meet the expectations of our customers, we continuously expand our knowledge through collaborative work with other reputable organizations and stakeholders, giving rise to products and solutions tailor-made for each situation.

Projects with accelerators

Impact Connected Car


CardioID was selected to take part in the first batch of the Impact Connected Car accelerator, one of 15 startups chosen out of more than 500 applications. The Impact accelerator offers startups a rigorous acceleration experience, supported by mentors from all corners of the globe. In particular for the Connected Car space, the program provides support and training to boost all parts of the mobility value chain, with partners including the PSA Group, Ferrovial Servicios, and Federation International de l’Automobile.

The program took us to Madrid, for one week of workshops and presentations focusing on marketing, strategy, branding, product, and funding, all with a specific emphasis on the mobility sector. During the event, we had the opportunity to showcase our CardioWheel® technology, an advanced driver-assistance system to enhance driver safety and security.

CardioID took part in StartupBraga’s 4th acceleration program. The program is designed to help digital economy, medtech, and nanotech startups develop their ideas and focus on growth.

SOUL FI is a FIWARE accelerator aimed at selecting funds and accelerate SMEs and web entrepreneurs who developed innovative web-based solutions for smarter urban life of Europe’s citizens. CardioID took part in Round A, Quality of Life domain.

CardioID showcased CardioWheel® technology, a seamless measurement of the heart signal in a car steering wheel. Our system enables the detection of abnormal cardiac events, drowsiness and fatigue, as well as driver identity, which can raise the alarm in case any problem arises. This is complemented with FIWARE technology to deploy a SaaS solution, integrating contextual information from multiple sources, as well as allowing us to make our data processing algorithms available to other information sources.

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