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CardioID’s breakthrough technology leverages state-of-the-art biomedical knowledge related to the electrical activity of the heart, sizing up cardiac conditions for safety, security and personalization in everyday life activities. The exact same concepts used in medicine are explored to prevent drowsiness, fatigue, stress, or cardiac pathologies.

We bring a deep knowledge in applied research and development in the fields of Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, as a spin-off of Instituto Superior Tecnico (University of Lisbon). To meet the expectations of our customers, we continuously expand our knowledge through collaborative work with other reputable organizations and stakeholders, giving rise to products and solutions tailor-made for each situation.

Projects with the industry

CardioWheel Driver Change and Drowsiness Monitoring

Barraqueiro Transportes || 2019

Implementation of CardioWheel and Drowsiness Monitoring.

The project ran for two years, with CardioWheel monitoring system installed in 10 buses.

After traveling more than two million kilometers, the project made it possible to confirm the identity of each driver, providing Barraqueiro with information of any driver change, whenever this took place.

In addition, the project made possible to identify Hands-On/Hands-Off Wheel, allowing us to know if drivers were following best practices. It also allowed the integration with other systems embedded into vehicles: telematics, communication systems, and anti-collision systems.

Sensitee® was born out of a project for critical facilities, to monitor and manage the safe behavior of a workforce, in collaboration with Axians. It consists of a device worn by the worker and an additional central platform for monitoring alerts.

While in use, Sensitee® collects the user’s GPS position, as well as their physical activity (pace, stationary, fall, number of steps), heart rate (well-being and fatigue detection) and identity recognition, through a biosensor. This information is automatically processed to generate alerts in potentially dangerous situations, for example in case of a fall or cardiac stress.

Project developed for the Alstom railway context with a user-centric architecture based on CardioID’s core technology. This project tackled train cockpit access control through biometric authentication and driver monitoring for drowsiness detection.

We used our technology to create a unique solution for Datelka: access control to facilities through biometrics and identity recognition. We integrated our sensors and technology into a smart lock solution for greater security in accessing spaces with controlled entrances.


Integrating CardioID’s Technology in the Industry


AUTOMOTIVE: A case study on Atuomatic Multimodal Drowsiness Detection for Smart Vehicles

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