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Heartmetrics Experts

With CardioID’s patented technology, we provide Heartmetrics Expertise for the benefit of the individual, in any situation. New research and development, looking to understand human biosignals, guides our design of innovative products that take into account human capabilities, limitations, and characteristics.


According to a Stanford Law School report, at least 90% of all motor vehicle crashes are caused fully or in part by human error

The report examined several studies, with human error accidents ranging anywhere between 90% and 99%.

Monitoring physiological signals while driving is a trend in the automotive industry, not only to monitor the driver’s health, but also due to the need to identify drowsiness and fatigue levels in real time, helping to mitigate serious accidents.

With ECG biometrics, it is also possible to recognize the identity of the driver. This allows us to draw a profile of the driver and their physiological status, driving behavior, and even other external factors at play. All this information is processed locally in real-time, providing alerts to the driver.

The use of physiological signals opens the door to infinite possibilities of customization within the vehicle. We are just getting started.


CardioWheel is a state-of-the-art machine learning solution for driver biometrics, based on electrocardiographic signals (ECG). It pervasively acquires heart signals from the user’s hands, with sensors embedded into the steering wheel, to recognize the driver’s identity and their health state.


The signal is acquired in real time from the driver’s hands, using a custom steering wheel cover equipped with special conductive elements, thus capturing the electrical impulses generated by the heart.


After acquisition, the cardiac signal is processed locally, making use of advanced machine learning algorithms to extract relevant information.


The system identifies the driver and helps prevent drowsiness, while evaluating driving performance, eco-efficiency, and road safety. An alert is immediately issued to the driver & fleet manger, if drowsiness has been detected.


CardioWheel can be extended with third party systems, such as telematics and anti-collision systems, to correlate events and provide a more complete solution and safety overview for fleet management.

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