Your heart is smarter than you think

What is CardioWheel?

It’s an Advanced Driver Assistance System that acquires the electrocardiogram (ECG) from the driver’s hands to continuously detect drowsiness, cardiac health problems and biometric identity recognition.


Signal Acquisition

The cardiac signal is acquired in real-time from your hands. We do this using a custom steering wheel cover equipped with special conductive elements, thus capturing the electrical impulses generated by your heart.



After acquisition, the cardiac signal is processed locally, making use of advanced signal processing and machine learning algorithms to extract information related with drowsiness and fatigue. An alert is immediately issued to the driver if fatigue has been detected.



For fleets of vehicles, we provide a dashboard aggregating geographically referenced fatigue information. This enables the fleet manager to take action and plan for fatigue-related driver performance.


Third Party Integration

CardioWheel can be extended with third party systems, such as Mobileye and GeoTab, providing complete fleet management solutions for enhanced road safety.

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