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i-DREAMS: an H2020 project targeting road safety

We are excited to announce that CardioID is part of the i-DREAMS consortium, an H2020 project funded by the European Union, which aims to set up a framework for the definition, development, testing and validation of a context-aware safety tolerance zone for on-road driving.

Following today’s kick-off meeting, during the next 3 years, 13 partners from 8 European countries will work together to study several factors that impact road safety, such as distraction, fatigue and drowsiness, health concerns, and extreme emotions (e.g. anxiety, stress, anger). This research will guide the development of new technologies that measure, warn, and intervene in risky driving situations and scenarios, with the aim to reduce the number of accidents and the severity of their consequences. The project specifically focuses on the driver-vehicle-environment interactions and on the human factors affecting the behavior of drivers. CardioID is a core partner in the project, contributing with our expertise in seamlessly measuring physiological parameters from the driver, specifically those that pertain to driver drowsiness, fatigue, and stress, as well as the integration of multiple on-vehicle sensors and systems.

The project, coordinated by Hasselt University in Belgium, is built up of several academic research groups (National Technical University of Athens, Loughborough University, Technische Universität München, Univerza v Mariboru, and Technische Universiteit Delft), road-safety policy stakeholders (European Transport Safety Council, Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit, and Polis), a major bus operator (Barraqueiro Transportes), as well as private companies with solutions tackling road safety (OSeven, DriveSimSolutions, and CardioID – that’s us!).

Here’s hoping to a fruitful and rewarding collaboration!

You can find more information on the project’s website: