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Startup Braga Demo Day

The 4th Acceleration Program promoted by Startup Braga came to a close on May 30th, with a final Demo Day and pitch presentations. CardioID was present with a two-part setup, showcasing multiple aspects of our CardioWheel technology.

One part of our demo consisted on a gaming steering wheel equipped with our heart signal sensing hardware. This was connected to a driving simulator, with visitors being able to drive in the famous Daytona race track, while their fatigue state and heart rate was being monitored. The system also automatically emitted a warning when the driver changed.

The second part of the demo, in tight collaboration with Prevenção Rodoviária Portuguesa, was a car equipped with a prototype of our steering wheel cover, as well as the Mobileye Collision Avoidance System, and a Geotab OBD-II telematics  device. The combination of these three components allows us to offer a unique driver-assistance system, which simultaneously keeps watch on the driver, the road, and the car itself to accomplish a safer and more secure driving experience. Developing partnerships with Mobileye and Geotab was a major milestone of our participation in the acceleration program, with CardioID becoming resellers of Mobileye and Geotab, and working toward integration of the three components.

We would like to thank the entire team at Startup Braga (Daniela, Miguel, Inês, Rui, Rafael, and Guilherme) for their enthusiastic and relentless support during this day and throughout the program. Great job, guys! We’ll keep in touch. You can watch the full pitch sessions here. By the way, we won the BFF Team award, given to the team that helped the other startups the most, which makes us proud Hufflepuffs!